Water Extraction

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Being a flood victim is never a good thing—whether it happens via storm, or a broken pipe, sewage backup, or a shower that’s just been clogged and left on for too long—all of these situations have one thing in common: there is no time to waste. Your home needs to undergo a water extraction process as soon as possible, because the longer water remains in your home, even more problems can arise, such as the growth of mold and the water rotting the wood in between the foundations of the house, or anywhere else. Aside from being a health hazard, it can damage the integrity and infrastructure of your home.

Always remember that it’s much better to trust in professionals with heavy-duty water removal.

Emergency Water Removal

The professionals will begin this process by using submersible pumps. This step also helps speed along drying time, and helps prevent mold and any secondary water damage. Afterwards, the pad and carpets will be inspected closely, to protect as much subfloor as possible. There can also be moisture detectors and hygrometers to measure how bad the moisture saturation in the room really is. There are now infared cameras to exactly locate the “smart water” that’s creeping along the walls or ceilings, if it’s not present on the floor. If the damage is extra bad, there are truck-mounted and portable extraction units to help get the job done.


Red Star Restoration can get the job done, and more

If you or someone you know is currently going through a situation that affects your home or other types of water Damage in any way for your residential or commercial property, it is wise not to fix the problem through do-it-yourself methods. Not only is it unsafe to do this without the proper equipment and materials, but also, you are exposing yourself to use the improper and unnecessary steps, which can eventually worsen the situation even further. Don’t delay; make sure that you hire a professional today, with the help of Red Star Restoration